Saturday, January 21, 2012

Joe Cozzens 1930-2012

 Sadly, we report the death of Joe Cozzens, a member of the Littleton Historical Society's board of directors.  Growing up in Littleton, he offered valuable insights to the history and memories of the town.  He gladly assisted with all of the Society's activities including the September and Christmas Fairs,  the Peach Social, monthly Sunday open houses and of course, the weekly Wednesday afternoons.  Joe was a great asset to our financial team and his sage advice and counsel will be very much missed.

Monday, January 16, 2012

News from the Past- January

1887-  The Lyceum offered a lecture by George H. Patch of Boston, son of George Patch the well-known Littleton postmaster.  The lecturer read an interesting account of the terrible battle of Antietam in which he took part and was taken prisoner by the Confederates.  He gave a vivid description of his life in Libby prison.  "Many of the audience felt proud to claim the able speaker as a patriotic son of Littleton"

1888-  A grand ball is scheduled to be given in the new Town Hall on Monday January 30th.  Brigham's six piece orchestra will supply the music.

1891-  The first corn popper was invented and made by hand in 1838 in Hopkinton, NH by Francis P. Knowlton who then moved to Littleton in 1854 and lived here for the rest of his life.  Not thinking at the time that it was of any account, he did not do anything more with it but the idea was seized by another person who took it to Washington and secured a patent and made himself a rich man.   The original one made by Mr. Knowlton is now in the antiquarian rooms at Hopkington, NH.

1934- The local high school boys' basketball team won its league game played with Chelmsford by a score of 19 to 8.  The girls team lost 30 to 8.  On Thursday evening at the town hall, both Littleton teams lost when they played North Andover.

1961-  Domenic's Restaurant will re-open on January 14th!!

Route 495 is still a work in process.  At King Street, there was grading of the dirt to form the new ramp. On Russell Street, one concrete abutment was poured.   The footing and forms for the 119 Overpass have been finished.  The home in the path of construction on Mill Road and Harwood Avenue have been removed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I. Whitcomb Musket

Several members of the Historical Society attended an interesting talk at the Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury on Sunday January 15, 2012.  Peter Albee, owner of a musket from the Revolutionary era,  explained how he traced the gun back to Littleton resident, Isaac Whitcomb using records from Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors.  The musket has “I. Whitcomb” etched on the side plate.  He was able to say with much conviction that the gun was probably made in Lesage France.     Isaac Whitcomb was with Rufus Putnam’s regiment and most likely used the gun at the Battle of Saratoga.   Isaac served 5.5 years with the Continental Army and is buried in Acton, Massachusetts.

David Whitcomb and John Hathaway are both descendants of Isaac Whitcomb.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Whitcomb Musket

Join Peter Albee at the Asa Waters Mansion for his talk on the I. Whitcomb Revolutionary musket and bayonet which he owns.   The talk will be sponsored by the Mass Arms Collectors on January 15, 2012.
Asa Waters Mansion
123 Elm St
Millbury, Ma