Sunday, January 15, 2012

I. Whitcomb Musket

Several members of the Historical Society attended an interesting talk at the Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury on Sunday January 15, 2012.  Peter Albee, owner of a musket from the Revolutionary era,  explained how he traced the gun back to Littleton resident, Isaac Whitcomb using records from Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors.  The musket has “I. Whitcomb” etched on the side plate.  He was able to say with much conviction that the gun was probably made in Lesage France.     Isaac Whitcomb was with Rufus Putnam’s regiment and most likely used the gun at the Battle of Saratoga.   Isaac served 5.5 years with the Continental Army and is buried in Acton, Massachusetts.

David Whitcomb and John Hathaway are both descendants of Isaac Whitcomb.

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