Sunday, April 8, 2012


Although the official Patriot's Day was changed in 1969 to the third Monday in April, Littleton keeps the tradition of commemorating Patriot's Day on April 19th.  For many years, the celebration was held at 5:45AM to coincide with when Minutemen must have mustered in 1775.   Quoting Carolyn Webster, "In the years following the Revolution, Liberty Square was used as a social gathering place for celebrations and dancing on the green.  Its patriotic significance in the town's history was recently commemorated by the erecting of two markers by Colonel Ed Fletcher of California, descendant of Captain Eleazer Fletcher.  The first marker is a boulder with a bronze plate, placed there in 1949.  The second is a granite shaft erected in 1951 which bears the names of the town's Revolutionary Soldiers and the inscription  In grateful memory of the Revolutionary War heroes of Littleton whose inspiring courage and bitter sacrifices created a new country dedicated to Liberty and Justice."

Come out and be inspired by this year's  Patriot's Day celebration at Liberty Square 7PM.  Sponsored by the Littleton Historical Commission.

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