Saturday, October 20, 2012


Littleton Historical Society Seeks Photos for 300th Anniversary Book, and Archives

Be a contributor to Littleton’s “photo album” of pictures showing how the town has grown and changed. The Historical Society invites residents to share their pictures of the town’s people, places, and events – photos which indicate the history of our community and its spirit. Photographs are needed for the Historical Society’s Book to be published in 2014 for the town’s 300th Anniversary, and to add to the coverage, quality and quantity of photographs in its collection.

Once you have selected photographs to share, please make a list of each photo on a piece of paper and identify, if possible, the location, names of people, date when taken, and who took each picture. You can bring the photos and your list to the Historical Society any Wednesday afternoon from 1 to 4 PM (except the day before Thanksgiving, or on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10 AM to Noon. Photographs will be scanned and returned to you. Owners will be asked to sign a release form for the Society to use digital copies for possible inclusion in the 300th Anniversary Book, and keep them in its collection. The original photos will be available in about a week for owners to pick them up at the Society.

Help preserve the history of Littleton by looking through family pictures and selecting those that show various aspects of life in Littleton. Subject matter could include, but is not limited to: typical daily life; unusual scenes, perhaps related to special events/weather, other; WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts; agriculture (past and present); town organizations; businesses; recreational activities/events; individuals who have made an important contribution to the town. The list goes on and on – limited only by your own imagination. For questions or more information, please call the Society at 978-486-8202 or e-mail You may also contact Ann Himmelberger at 978-742-5960, or

Thank you for providing the photos worth thousands of words to show the history and spirit of Littleton. 

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