Sunday, December 8, 2013


The Tory House original site  

300 King Street
Text on plaque

Original site of the Tory House. A volley of lead was fired in 1775 through the door at the Loyalist Reverend Rogers by a band of Patriots when he would not come out and declare his intentions. The house was moved to 280 King Street in 1858.
Issued by: Littleton Historical Commission

280 King Street
Built: c 1770
Style: Georgian

Text on plaque

TORY HOUSE Ca. 1716. Home of Daniel Rogers, Littleton's Second Minister and Tory Sympathizer. During the Revolutionary War, Patriots came to this house and demanded that the Rev. Rogers come out and declare his principles. When he did not appear, the Patriots fired, piercing the front door and stair panel with musket balls. The original door can be seen at the Littleton Historical Society.
Issued by: Littleton Historical Commission

Text from 2009 Freedom's Way Strollin' & Rollin' Tours pamphlet

Originally built by Isaac Powers, this house was moved to this site in 1858 from 300 King Street The Tory House was the scene of a confrontation between the Loyalist Rev. Rogers and local patriots. Shots were fired through the front doors, which, with their bullet holes, can be seen at the historical Society on Rogers Street

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