Monday, May 21, 2012


May 1941
"The report from the gasoline rationing registration of last week shows 530 ration cards issued.  On Thursday the registration did not close at 6 o'clock as planned, for the registrars were kept busy until 9:30.  On Friday the schools were closed so that the teachers might have an opportunity to catch up with their school work."

May 1942
" Sugar rationing has been taking place the past week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The schools were dismissed at noon each day as all the teachers served as the registrars.  It may be of interest to townspeople to know when the first four stamps in the book can be used.  Stamp one from May 5 through May 16;  stamp two from May 17 through May 30; stamp three May 30 through June 27.  these stamps must be used within the specified time.  They can not be carried over from one period to the next"

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